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Welcome to Macau, city of tradition and leisure

Written By: herbrunbridge - Jun• 01•10

Portuguese colonial architecture abounds in Macau

Whether it’s spelled “Macao,” or “Macau,” millions of people visit here every year as their “Fun HQ,”  the gaming headquarters of Asia.  There’s a lot to do here too, even if you don’t gamble. 

We recommend seeing the classic Colonial Portuguese architecture, embodied in her colonial churches, and a couple of the museums are well worth a stop (we’d take the risk of calling the Macau Museum of Art “world-class”… it’s that good.)  

Take a peek at our Macau Top 4, and use our GPS-enabled coordinates to get around, even if your taxi driver doesn’t speak English.  Shop at the many antique furniture stores and art galleries, and boutiques, where you’ll pay less for equal value than you would in neighboring Hong Kong. 

Nightlife has traditionally been set up for guys here in Macau, and not much has changed, and much of the vibe centers around casino life.  Essentially Macao is here to provide entertainment value, whether you’re gaming or socializing.  The great news is, you can have a great time in Macau by doing neither, and enjoy the culture instead! 

Caveats?  Only one.  Few people here speak English, and Cantonese is the rule.You’ll therefore have to carry one of the free local tourist maps with you when you’re in a taxi, so you can point to the dual-entry Chinese-English word for a place.  Same goes for people on the street.  The good news is that Macau is small, and even when you’re lost, you’re still centrally-located.  The GPS coordinates in our Macau pages will help you tremendouslyas you navigate through this fascinating city. 

Getting to and around Macau  

Flights arrive at the Macau International Airport, a few kilometers away on the neighboring island of Taipa, and 15 minutes from the Macau ferry Terminal.  Arrival and departure information can be found at  Lots of boats are available to and from Hong Kong, including the TurboJet at

Taxi fare in and around Macau is cheap (flag drop begins at $11 HKD.)  All taxis have meters, but few drivers speak English, so carry a map with you with Chinese and English place-names.

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