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Macau’s Top 4 Sights

Written By: herbrunbridge - Jun• 01•10

Afternoon sun brings out the color in the sunny SaoDomingos facade

We’ll assume you already know about the casinos.  So what do you do if you’re not into gaming? 

1) Go to a museum!  The Macau Museum of Art is in a wonderful new building on the waterfront, and had two world-class exhibits when we were there.  Go to our Macau museums page for a review of Macao’s most interesting museums. 

2) Take a walk through historical Macau, enjoying the fine old Portuguese colonial architecture.  Macau’s historic churches including the landmark Ruins of St. Paul’s, offer some of her best architectural examples. 

3) Enjoy the view from the Guia Lighthouse above the city.  Built in 1865, the lighthouse sits above Guia Fortress, constructed in 1637.  Go there by taxi or by the wonderful automated cable car system.  Don’t miss the bomb shelter under the fortress, or the typhoon semaphores exhibited in a small room alongside the lighthouse.  Guia lighthouse sits at GPS Coordinates: N22 degrees, 11.786′, E113 degrees, 32.970′.  The cable car station on Guia hill sits northeast of the lighthouse at GPS Coordinates: N22 degrees, 11.955′, E113 degrees, 33.152′   The corresponding cable car station, below and north of the hill, is at GPS Coordinates: N22 degrees, 12.092′, E113 degrees, 33.094′ 

4) Shop the Senado Square area, which includes the antiquities shops just down the steps from the Ruins of St. Paul’s.  GPS Coordinates: N22 degrees, 11.617′, E113 degrees, 32.391′  puts you right in the middle of the Square.

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