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A warm Hmong welcome in Sapa, Vietnam reports on the sharper edge of travelling in Asia. Is your cultural, quirky, offbeat, and occasionally irreverent view into what makes Asia tick differently than the West. We report on everything from temples, to spas, literature, nightlife, and scams, and take you into the far-flung zones that aren’t covered by guidebooks (check out our Twisted Tales, and you’ll get the idea).

Join us by contributing your stories, anecdotes, observations, and other information that will be of value to you, your friends, your lovers, and other travelers. Tell us about great places, great lodging, great treks, great food, things you don’t love, and things to watch out for .

To maintain a high standard of content (but not necessarily a high standard of culture), WoWasis will vet all posts prior to publishing them, so there may be a slight delay between the time you post and the time you see it online. We do screen for inappropriate or abusive content, spam, and so on. Flaming ain’t allowed, but active discussion and debate makes us feel good, and all of us better informed. Enjoy the blog!

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  1. Marie says:

    Oh yes, I have been to Chiangmai twice this year, and will be going there next month. We were lucky that the International Flower Show and La Krathong events hapeenpd simultaneously. We did visit the night market just next to the Tapae Gate. It is unbelievable we had to walk for nearly 3-4 kms from one end to the other. Its full of people and lots of bargains. We couldnt help indulging ourselves in getting cheap foot massages along the footpaths. Things are dearth cheap. Lots of arty farty thingies to choose from.For those who have not experience this before, it has to be a must go so that next time, when you talk to your mates about Chiangmai, at least, you can say, been there and done that. Finally, its pretty safe at the night market.Cheerskenneth coeNew Zealand

  2. mahani says:

    thank you on your informative page on chiang mai textiles. i was shown a very well made quality machine made songket from chiang mai. i’m wondering if you know who produced them. i would like to make bags out of this material. thank you v much

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