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WoWasis thrills over wall murals in the Getsemani neighborhood of Cartagena, Colombia

Written By: herbrunbridge - Jul• 04•14

LibertadGirl1cGetsemani is a picturesque neighborhood of colonial buildings and houses just across the Bahia De Los Animas from Cartagena’s old city. The colors of colonial Cartagena are legendary, and are showcased in the astounding number of beautiful wall murals in Getsemani. To see many of them, you’ll want to get off the main streets and walk down a few nearby side streets, like Calle De Loma and Callejon San Agosto. In addition to the murals, you’ll see what like is like for the residents of Getsemani. Their houses are mostly open to the street to allow for better airflow. You’ll see courtyards, people watching TV and listening to music in their living room, and hear conversations shouted across the street to neighbors. At night, people set up card tables, drink, and listen to music.

AmorEnGetsemani1cThe murals run the whole gamut from primitive to outstanding. A mural of a woman’s face in Plaza de la Libertad uses metal door rings as earrings. A black Carmen Miranda lies on her side in a bed of flowers on Calle de Lomba, arms stretched over her head, disgorging an armload of fruit. ‘Amor en Getsemani’ is epitomized by a beaming young woman. Walk further and you’ll see a smiling mermaid, a woman racing on motorcycle, and all matter of abstract people and places.

FruitLady1cWe here at WoWasis found delights, mural-wise, all over the old city, providing a number of beautiful walks with wonderful surprises at every turn.

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