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Drenched with Color in Cartagena, Colombia

Written By: herbrunbridge - Jun• 23•14

CartagenaBags3aHere are WoWasis, we often recognize that some cities just “bleed” color, where every corner, wall, stall, and business just seems to be oozing a plethora of hues that make every step an adventure. One such place we found recently was Colonia Sacramento, Uruguay. In te country of Colombia, it’s hard to beat Cartagena’s old city, and its nearby neighborhood of Getsemani, right over the Bahia De Los Animas, on the shores of the Caribbean.

BlueBuilding1cIn Cartagena, the city is optimized for a rainbow of tropical colors. It starts with the colonial era houses and buildings, sporting all hues of oranges, blues, fuchsias, and indigos. In Getsemani’s small streets, you’ll find colorful wall murals that incorporate architectural elements into their colors and designs. The shops and street stalls in the old city are replete with color as well, where hats, bags, swimsuits, and all matter of goods compete for the eye.

HatsCartagena1cThis riot of color makes Cartagena one of the world’s great cities for photography, where great composition takes an equal seat to the amazing palette of colors that changes with every building, street, and corner.

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