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WoWasis visits the city of Mandalay, Burma

Written By: herbrunbridge - Jul• 02•10

Take a half-day tour of Mandalay!  While visitors will find that the city of Mandalay pales in comparison with Rangoon, and the ancient palace, lying within the moat, was mostly destroyed by fighting in WWII, it remains a fascinating city with its on vibe. Today, Mandalay is best visited as a home base for day trips to the monasteries of Sagaing and Inwa, the massive Mingun Paya temple in ruins, and tour the pretty hillside station of Pyin U Lwin (Maymyo). Mandalay’s spanking-new airport is indicative of Mandalay’s enhanced status as the portal to northern Burma. From Mandalay, tour Mingun Paya, tour Amapura, Inwa and Ava.

Here at WoWasis, we found the highlight of the city itself was the Mandalay Marionettes and Culture Show, a wonderful one hour show showcasing live music, puppetry, and dancing.  To support the theatre, you may also buy marionettes at their shop.
Mandalay Marionettes and Culture Show, Garden Villa Theatre
66th Street, between 26th and 27th Streets, near the Sedona Hotel
Tel: +(95) 234-446
Shows nightly at 8:30 pm

In addition to the day trips mentioned above, you may also use Mandalay as your entry point to Pyin U Lwin (Maymyo), a pleasant colonial British hill station situated 70 km northeast of Mandalay. Here, you’ll see remnants of colonial architecture, which you can see by walking, or taking horse-drawn mini-stagecoaches. Visitors revel in the cool climate, leisurely pace, and fresh air.  Pyin U Lwin is known for its exceptional vegetables and flowers, and boasts an attractive botanical garden

To get to Pyin U Lwin, you may either take a local bus (enquire for directions to the bus stop at your hotel) or hire a car and driver (price is roughly $25 per day).  The trip up the mountain takes approximately three hours. 

Mandalay also has several Resort/hotel spas.

To get to Mandalay, Air Mandalay ( receives inbound flights from Chiang Mai, Thailand each week, but does not offer outbound service back to Chiang Mai. Yangon Airways ( flies roughly the same domestic Burmese routes as does Air Mandalay, generally on alternate days. 

To get to the city of Mandalay from the airport, go to theairport taxi kiosk, where you can order a taxi to your hotel for $8-10.  The airport is a ways out of town, so be sure to give yourself enough time when flying out of Mandalay.

Tour Mandalay, tour Amapura, Inwa, and Ava, tour Mingun Paya!

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