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WoWasis’ day trip to Sagaing and Inwa, from Mandalay, Burma

Written By: herbrunbridge - Jul• 01•10


The monastery at Inwa, Burma

WoWasis visitors to the Burmese city of Mandalay will want to take this day trip to nearby Sagaing and Inwa. Formerly known by its traditional name of Ava, the town of Inwa was the capital of Burma from 1364 until 1841, when it moved to Amarapura following a devastating earthquake.  Today, there’s precious little left of either, but the beautiful masonry monastery, and 30 meter tall watchtower in Inwa are beautifully situated in a countryside setting. 

On the way to Inwa, you’ll want to make a one to two hour stop at Sagaing, home to dozens of monasteries.  The hillside Buddhist area is located slightly north of the city.  Sagaing was the capital of the Shan kingdom in 1315, prior to its move to Inwa.  It has nice views, and represents a peaceful break from the heat and bustle of Mandalay. 

To get to Sagaing and Inwa, hire a driver and car (approximately $25)  in Mandalay.  After Sagaing, your driver will drop you at the ferry.  From there, you’ll take a horse and carriage for a three hour tour of the Inwa area, for approximately 1,000 kyat.  On the return, ask your driver if he’ll make a brief stop at U Bein’s Bridge, a picturesque teak footbridge that crosses Taungthaman Lake.  With bends and curves, it’s over 1 km long. 

Mandalay visitors will also want to take a separate day trip to the magnificent ruined temple of Mingun Paya.

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  1. You can certainly see Inwa in one day. We’d recommend doing it yourself, as the blog post suggests. It’s easy to hire a car and driver, and the horse cart. If you’d like to take a more formal tour, just ask at your hotel.

  2. Nathchayanit B says:

    If i would like to visit Inwa, Is one day tour recommened? Or i can travel by myself?

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