The sharper edge to traveling in Asia

Travel by train from Bangkok to Vientiane, Laos

One of our   WoWasis correspondents decided to take the train, rather than fly from Bangkok, Thailand to Ventiane, Laos. Here’s his brief report on the experience:  Train from Bangkok was actually really good. It was great to be traveling old school again without the stress, pain and endless queueing at airports. First Class sleeper is the […]

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Top 3 in Vientiane, capital of Laos

 Tour Vientiane now! Here at WoWasis, Vientiane gets our vote as one of the nicest cities in Southeast Asia. Although it’s the capital of Laos, it’s relatively small, at just over 130,000 people, and is easy to navigate. It’s got a decidedly different vibe as a capital city, without Bangkok’s crowds, or Phnom Penh’s edginess. […]

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Top 5 travel sites in Laos

Tour Luang Prabang or tour Vientiane now! The ancient kingdom of Lan Xang is transforming itself into a country that has increasing amenities for the traveler, yet boasts delights that are still relatively untraveled.  Although increasingly popular, the royal capital of Luang Prabang remains one of the most beautiful towns in Southeast Asia, and an […]

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