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WoWasis toilet product review: The Swash bidet toilet seat that keeps ‘em coming back for more

Here at WoWasis, we’re pretty well known for our bathroom plumbing product reviews, from Thai toilet hoses to heated, pulsating toilet seats from Asia. Geez, we’ve even shown you how to wash your butt on a 747 jet airplane! But we gotta tell ya: after installing the Brondell Swash 300 toilet seat at the WoWasis […]

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WoWasis toilet product review: the Bidematic, an Argentine toilet hose contraption that just doesn’t work

The Thais, Japanese, and Koreans all have magnificent ways to keep clean after using the toilet. As reported here earlier at WoWasis, Thais typically use toilet hoses, while Japanese and Koreans use electric toilet seats that are essentially high tech bidets. Here at WoWasis, we love them, because we consider toilet paper to be Barbaric, […]

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Toilet Trucks in Bangkok: business is good when business is crappy

Need to go when you’re on the go? Then Bangkok Municipal Administration’s fleet of 31 toilet trucks can help. These aging green mobile giants sport four toilets and six urinals, and are used as public conveniences during protest activities and public events. Each truck contains 2,000 litres of water, enough for 500 flushes. Detritus is […]

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