The sharper edge to traveling in Asia

Help, My SIM phone doesn’t work in Korea! How do I make calls?

Here at WoWasis, we carry a SIM phone with us to virtually all Asian countries, buy a new SIM card when we arrive, and start calling in-country and back home immediately. But that doesn’t work in Korea. Korean mobile phones work on the CDMA system, a different communications technology, so your SIM phone may be […]

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How to avoid excessive phone charges when traveling in Asia

Avoiding excessive phone charges while traveling is easy. Here’s how…

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Email, internet, & telephone in Bangkok

  Email access in Bangkok is easy virtually everywhere along the Sukhumvit and Silom BTS Skytrain lines, and in hundreds of other places in the city.  Don’t ignore the different sois (streets) branching off of main thoroughfares, as generally, hourly rates are cheaper there.  Signs advertising email access frequently hang from upper stories, easy to […]

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