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WoWasis visits Sri Lanka’s mountain tea houses

Tea is an essential part of Sri Lankan culture, and is their second leading export commodity, behind textiles. Sri Lanka’s hill country is liberally dotted with terraced tea plantations, and many of them have wonderful tea houses right at the road side where you can relax, drink their teas, and enjoy the mountain atmosphere. And […]

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WoWasis tours Sri Lanka on the Haputale – Badulla hill country train

We here at WoWasis love to take scenic trains. And there is none finer in Sri Lanka than the route along the Colombo-Kandy line that runs in the hill country north from Haputale to Badulla (see the video), through the towns of Ella, Demodara, and Bandarawela, and into the countryside. Or you can go south, […]

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WoWasis book review: of tea plantations in Sri Lanka

Herman Gunaratne is a well-known Sri Lankan tea planter, executive, and politician, who worked himself up through the ranks at the lowest levels in plantation life. He has written his fascinating memoirs in The Suicide Club (2010, ISBN 978-955-0000-02-9), the title of which refers to an exclusive and informal club, of which his illustrious grandfather […]

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