The sharper edge to traveling in Asia

WoWasis visits the lovely town of Sittwe, Burma, on the Bay of Bengal

WoWasis visitors will love Sittwe, a pleasant but simple Burmese seaside town, with lovely traditional buildings sporting a rustic charm.  Sitting at the opening of the Kaladan River to the Bay of Bengal, this trading town is the gateway the old temple city of Myauk U, a day’s boat ride up the Aungdat tributary of […]

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A hotel tourist rip-off to avoid in Sittwe, Burma

We here at WoWasis had some major issues with the Prince Hotel, in the town of Sittwe, Burma, which advertises air con rooms (which don’t have working air con), prophylactic-filled landings, and a shell-game run in conjunction with shady boat operators, plying their trade to the historic Myauk U site nearby. The hotel had arranged […]

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