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Thailand’s Railway of Death: 250 tough miles to Burma on the River Kwai

The Thailand-Burma railway, built from June 1942 through October, 1943, spanned a distance of 250 miles, running from Nong Pladuk, Thailand to Thanbuyuzayat, Burma. A number of books, both fact and fiction, have been written on this legendary and ill-fated railway, built on the backs and contributing to the deaths of thousands of slave laborers […]

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WoWasis book review: Pierre Boulle’s ‘The Bridge on the River Kwai’

Here at WoWasis, we’re not averse to reviewing an older book, especially one that was written a couple of generations ago.  It’s well past its original buzz, which, in the case of this book, includes a major motion picture as well. Fact is, many in today’s generation haven’t read it. And it’s timeless. We just […]

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