The sharper edge to traveling in Asia

WoWasis book review: ‘The Solitary Man,’ Golden Triangle adventure by Stephen Leather

We’d imagine that comparatively few of our WoWasis readers have served time in their nation’s prisons. Fewer have served in overseas prisons. And fewer still in the legendarily filthy prisons of Thailand. And that’s why so many people just love to read about them. From shit-encrusted holes in the floor that serve as toilets to […]

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The worlds’ wackiest torture museum, in Seoul South Korea

Wacky Seodaemun Prison History Hall in Seoul, South Korea takes the blue ribbon has being the craziest torture museum in the world, a tribute to both its exhibits and its patrons. The truth is sobering. This prison, opened in 1908, was eventually used as a torture and execution venue by both the Japanese and by […]

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WoWasis book review: Steve Raymond’s ‘Poison River’

Here at WoWasis, we’re aware of lots of reasons why you don’t want to get thrown in jail or prison in Thailand. When you do, you’re at the mercy of an unbelievable amount of corruption and bribery practices involving prison authorities, police, your own lawyers, and the justice system itself. As a foreigner, a great […]

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