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WoWasis visits the Kohfukuji Treasure Hall in Nara, Japan

These days, Japan is restoring seemingly dozens of historical shrines and temples. The process included shrouding the building in a huge, unsightly shed for periods of up to five years. While we here at WoWasis applaud the process in general, it wreaks havoc on visitors that were hoping to see an important shrine or temple, […]

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WoWasis visits the Todai-Ji Temple complex in Nara, Japan

The Todai-Ji Temple complex is considered to be the top tourism attraction in Nara. There is much to see here, and the complex is large, including some uphill walks to fascinating shrines and temples. You begin at the Nandai-mon gate, which leads to the main temple area. Encased in huge chicken-wire boxes are two wooden […]

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WoWasis visits the beautiful Isui-en Garden in Nara, Japan

On your day walk through the old Japanese capital city of Nara, it’s easy to miss one of Japan’s most outstanding gardens. It’s a must-see, though, and it will take you less than an hour to complete the magnificent walking loop. Located to the west of Todaiji Temple’s Nandaimon Gate, the Isui-en Garden sits astride […]

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