The sharper edge to traveling in Asia

New Drug scam in Malaysia endangers tourists?

The Good Manner: Advice on Asia from WoWasis’ Pa Farang Today’s question: Drug scam in Malaysia? Dear Pa Farang,  A friend and I had a strange thing happen to us on a recent trip to Patong. While walking down a major thoroughfare, we were approached by two men who flashed badges at us, told us […]

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Malaysia Oasis Top Ten Sites in Malaysia

Malaysia is full of great places, and here is our short list of highlights, not to be missed. Choose between Peninsular Malaysia, and Malaysian Borneo, or visit both, as air transportation is inexpensive and easy.  Tour Malacca, tour Lankawi, tour George Town, or tour Kuala Lumpur now!  Peninsular Malaysia  1.  Melaka, a charming riverside town, […]

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Shops & markets in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Shopping opportunities abound in Kuala Lumpur, with everything ranging from high end boutique items to brand-name knock-offs that keep international lawyers busy.  Jalan Petaling: Same Old, Same Old, Day and Night  By day, on two blocks of one of Chinatown’s main streets, you can visit Chinese shops selling everything from incense to dresses, but by […]

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