The sharper edge to traveling in Asia

WoWasis book review: ‘Scams & Swindlers’: investment disasters to be avoided

Bruce Brown’s classic Scams and Swindlers: Investment Disasters and How To Avoid Them (1998, ISBN 1-86339-201-7) flies a bit under the radar these days, but it shouldn’t, particularly for those following the increasingly strange Cambodian death saga of Canadian journalist Dave Walker. Before we get to that, here’s why the book is compelling. Author Brown […]

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Why WoWasis considers visiting Australia

Here at WoWasis, we’ve met tons of friendly Aussies the world over. We love their cynical sense of humor, and this questionnaire ended up in our mailbox, and we don’t know the source. So take a look at the map, read the questions and answers, and book your flight!  Q: Does it ever get windy in […]

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WoWasis book review: Jonathan Kwitny’s ‘Crimes of Patriots’

Here’s a book about one of the great bank swindles of the 20th century, that touched countries as disparate as the U.S., Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Brunei, and Indonesia. And it touched them all in a big way. The bank was called Nugan Hand, named after its co-founders, lawyer Frank […]

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