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Men’s spas in Macau

Written By: herbrunbridge - Jun• 01•10

Men used to paying the going rate for spa services in most Southeast Asian countries will find themselves paying more in Macau.  Nevertheless, one of Asia’s finest men’s spas is here, and you’re encouraged to hang out there for up to 24 hours, making it actually one of Asia’s best spa deals for men.  We’ll start off with the best, then list a few others you’re liable to encounter. 

Golden Sauna
Rua Cantao #121, 2nd floor (inside of the alley across from the Hotel Fortuna)
Ph: +853-2878-2123
GPS Coordinates: N22 degrees, 11.440′, E113 degrees, 32.780′

This may be the best men’s spa in Asia, with exceptionally good-looking masseuses, sauna, hot tub, good food, and a relaxing atmosphere.  Prices range from “AV Girls” at $1139 HKD, to Thai massage only at $399 HKD.  Customers begin by taking a sauna and hot tub bath, then choosing a masseuse for one hour service.  Afterward, customers are urged to lounge around in one of Golden’s comfortable lounge chairs, and eat, drink, talk with friends, and even get a foot massage.  Customers may stay as long as they want, as the spa is open 24 hours.  English-speaking customers may ask for genial host Alex.

 Darling One
Behind Jai Alai Casino
Ph: +853-2872-6666
GPS Coordinates: N22 degrees, 11.843′,  E113 degrees, 33.321′
Although hidden off the large street of Dr. Rodrigo Rodrigues, it’s actually easy to find, just in back of the more visible Casa Real Hotel.  Darling One offers full body massage at $1480 KD for 90 minutes, and visitors may choose among Chinese, Thai, or Vietnamese masseuses.  English speakers may ask for Tommy.

 Golden Dragon Hotel’s “Eighteen Sauna”
Rua de Malaca
GPS Coordinates: N22 degrees, 11.764′,  E113 degrees, 33.227′
This well-situated hotel has a 6th floor sauna, featuring masseuses from $1600-1800 HKD for one hour.  The “Crazy Happy” show also occurs on the 10th floor, and features cheoreographed “European-style” erotic dancers.

 Sauna Big Boss
Avenida de Praia Grande, No. 613-639
Ph: +853 2855-8877
GPS Coordinates: N22 degrees, 11.540′,  E113 degrees, 32.459′
Located near the corner of Avenida do Infante D. Henrique, Sauna Big Boss features one-hour masseuses ranging from $1538-$988 HKD.  Big Boss is located near the historical part of the city unlike the others listed above, located in the Casino zone.

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  1. John Cusack says:

    Well i was today / 2019-02-10 in the Supreme Sauna within the Hotel Fortuna. The welcome is friendly and the advisors speaks good english. First i got a Shoulder Massage and the girl was stunning. i noticed that she was willing to do more services what brought me to the full service with her. she was a joung vietnamese girl who was able to give joy and relief with passion.
    after all i can say that this was a very good experience and i can recommend this sauna. the other hand on this, its not cheap so you have to negotiate what you want and based on this make your decision.

  2. Sur says:

    Are there any male to male sauna’s and massage centres?

  3. Vinnydoody says:

    I went to Golden Sauna today, 20 Aug ’17 and my experience was terrific; nothing can describe my feelings. I didn’t see the girls dressed in AV but they wore revealing bottoms and top. You can see all the girls almost the entire bottoms. They wore super sexy v shape shorts that shows almost all their bums and cleavage revealing tops. The girls are pretty. When I sat at the meal tables, I looked at the girls bottoms and top NON STOP. I smiled at some and respond. I chose a HKD990 Chinese massage which they assigned me a Hubei fair complexion lady. Her massage was so so but the other activity was fantastic.
    Well, if I have another chance, I will choose the package where I can choose the girls.

  4. Golden’s prices are fixed and include all services. If you want to tip extra, I’d ask Alex or one of the the others what might be fair.

  5. john says:

    I’m going to visit golden sauna , seems a lot of fun there , do u have to give extra tip for the girl? How much if yes? What is included in the price ?

  6. Anonymous says:

    i am heading Macau in a few days time.
    Anyone can recommend a place with male masseur?

  7. sai says:

    Golden sauna really is the best one.Great looking girls

  8. webpierce says:

    Every weekend i visit this web site, as i want enjoyment, for the reason that it contains truly good funny material too.

  9. sherif says:

    where can i find russian japneess what is the best sauna

  10. Essentially a Japanese term, AV girls refer to women who have appeared in softcore adult films, amateur or professional.

  11. sherif says:

    plz tell me what is mean by AV girls i do not know

  12. Your WoWasis research team gives especially high ratings to Golden Sauna.

  13. don's says:

    so which one better, Golden Sauna or big boss? 🙂

  14. Lomax says:

    Does anybody know of a good website for browsing girls in Macau? There is one in Hong Kong called ‘sex141’. but I don’t know of any in Macau. I would like to do a bit of ‘homework’ before I go there soon! Thanks!

  15. JoeC says:

    Does anyone know where to go for Thai massage, meaning that the girl uses her whole body to massage your whole body? (This takes place before sex of course…)


  16. Secure Event Ticket says:

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  17. Josh says:

    It’s interesting that Sauna Big Boss isn’t in the casino area. I ran into it quite by accident late at night when everything else around it was closed. This was a few years ago, but it seemed very professional and safe. This is the only massage/sauna I’ve been to but reading about others it has pretty much the same setup. You get undressed in a locker room and put on a robe, then you can go into the huge lounge room where people are eating, drinking, getting foot massages and even their toenails trimmed. Then when you are ready they take you up to another floor where there is a line of girls and you can have your choice. Everything seems to be for hour service but price depends on the region of where the girl is from. Everything is color coded so it is easy to understand the pricing. You are getting a hour of extra services like shower, oral, etc. If you are looking for just basic sex (quick) then it is more economical to visit one of the hotels that has the roaming hookers.

  18. Jack Scully says:

    I had a really good time at Golden Sauna. The GS price structure starts at $1139 HKD for “AV Girls,” who wear business suits, and will let the customer use a vibrator on her, for one hour. Apparently, AV Girls films have a significant following in Japan, and many Asian guys are aware of them, and excited about going with an AV Girl. “A” Girls who are priced at $989 HKD will have sex, which includes massage and oral, for one hour. “B” girls go for $629, for 90 minutes of massage and sex, but the club chooses the girl, not the customer.

    I chose an “A” girl, #270, Yoyo, from Guangxi. To begin my experience, I showered and was let to a large hot tub, where another girl gave me a massage while I relaxed in the hot tub for as long as I wanted. After a few minutes, I elected to go to the sauna, where I stayed for 5 minutes. I then showered, and asked for my girl.

    Yoyo led me downstairs to a very nice room, with a bed and glassed-in shower, and a uniquely-designed chair, consisting of a black padded surface to support my thighs, leaving all other regions exposed. She gave me a thorough washing in front, then provided oral service while I remained sitting in the chair. After 5 minutes of this, she turned me around and rewashed every part of me, rinsed me off, dried me, and led me to bed. Use your imagination for the rest. After I finished, I went back upstairs, had a beer, relaxed, and ordered dinner. My experience was terrific, and Golden Sauna certainly gets my recommendation for good service in Macau.

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