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Candi Kidal & Candi Jago temples in Java, Indonesia

Written By: herbrunbridge - May• 31•10

Sculpture at Candi Kidal

These two small but interesting templesare best visited on a day trip from the nearby city of Malang, roughly 20 km away.

Candi Kidal has wonderful examples of Javanese sculpture. Construction was begun in approximately 1250 as the funerary temple of King Anusapati. The temple is located at GPS S08°02.181’ E112°42.500’ 

Candi Jago, while in a state of disrepair, has intesting carvings, and is in a very pretty setting, maintained by a family that lives onsite. Candi Jago is located at GPS S08°00.343’ E112°45.858’

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