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Bangkok’s Fashion Trio: Introducing Chai Jeamamornrat, Patsarun Sriluansoi, and Sunshine of Headquarter Bangkok

Written By: herbrunbridge - May• 31•10

Pat and Chai from Headquarter Bangkok

It’s always exciting to see the work of a young, talented designer, and here, the experience for Bangkok fashion enthusiasts is trebled at Headquarter Bangkok, where three extraordinary designers have pooled their creativity to create three distinct, but complimentary lines at their own boutique.  They use high-quality fabric from Japan and Hong Kong, among other places, and are not currently planning for export.  When you wear HeadQuarter fashions in your own country, you’ll be wearing something truly unique. 

Chai Jeamamornrat, 27, was born in Nakhorn Si Thammarat,  has known Patsarun for 10 years.  His father was a tailor, mother a dressmaker.   He holds a BA in Visual design form Silpakorn University, and another BA, plus an MA in the Department of Fashion and Costume Design, in Oslo.  Prior to HeadQuarter, his collections included ‘Mae Fah Luang’ in 2000 and 2002, ‘RIKO’ in 2001, and Senada Sense in 2003, all presented at Elle Magazine’s Fashion Week. 

Patsarun Sriluansoi’s parents encouraged him in his goal to be a designer.  His father was  a civil servant (now a monk), and his aunt was a dressmaker.  Patsarun studied Fashion  Design at LaSalle College in Montréal.  His brand “Realistic Situation”, for men and women, will be sold in HeadQuarter, as well as the GEO store on Sukhumvit 55.  

Sunshine (Jirat  Subpisankul), 27, recived a BA from Bangkok University in Communication Arts, and a BA in Fashion (Womenswear) from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design.  He designed for the Passaya house for two years, sites tribal and Victorian influences.  His collection of 2001 featured Akha-style headgear in a muted palette of colors.  Additional collections show a marked influence of Op Art from the 1960s.  His “Knots” collection for Passaya suggests bondage motifs in the large yarn ropes which adorn his designs.  Additional influences appear to be Japanese-themed bondage cinema (he was unavailable for interviews as we went to press).  

Design Philosophy 

“I am influenced by music and nature.  I like organic life and free movement in light and shadow, reflected light as well.  I try to transfer a concept like Techno music into street clothes…” We are a new generation, and are going to launch something between creativity and commercial… before, I used silk, but I feel the look is an old one.  Today, I prefer cotton, stretched cotton, and linen. I like texture… I experiment with the surface of the textile.  I like prints, wrinkled, layered pleats, matte and glossy.  I call my work ‘Streetcraft,’ using needlework, patchwork, and embroidery. My creations are simple in structure… I tend to use fabric from Japan and Hong Kong, and feel it’s softer and better-woven, due to the higher technology in the looms there. I want to keep everything unique… everything in the shop will be limited edition.  At the same time, we want our fashions to be affordable, so prices will range from 1,000 to 7,000 baht ($25-$175 USD).” 

–  Chai Jeamamornrat 

“I like experimental design… something more fun, the concept is really deconstruction’…  lots of my fashions are meant to be worn wrinkled. Fashion is all about change.  Today, we’re more influence by the media than ever, and world teen culture is becoming [homogenized] as information races from country to country. I am influenced by the politics of the Russian Revolution, and Russian Constructivism from the 1920s.  I like advertising posters from at that time…  black, white, and red, with a masculine look.”  

–  Patsarun Sriluansoi 

“I love going to exhibitions and galleries to discover new hype and talent.  In my leisure time, I avidly read the important style magazines, music, interior and exterior decorating.  I also collect second hand and vintage clothes.” 

– Sunshine 

To see these striking, bold fashions made by these young designers, visit:
Headquarter Bangkok, located on the 3rd floor of the Siam Centre shopping complex, near the BTS Siam Square Skytrain station

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