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The stunning Gunung Bromo volcanic area in Java, Indonesia

Written By: herbrunbridge - May• 29•10

Gunung Semeru as seen from Gunung Penanjakan

The volcanic area near Gunung Bromo is a not-to-be-missed experience in East Java, and is best booked as a two day trip from the city of Malang. Better still, add another day for a visit to the spectacular sulphuric atmosphere of the volcano Kawah Ijen as well, and stay overnight in a coffee plantation. 

Prior to visiting Gunung Bromo, you’ll want to make a stop at dawn to Gunung Penanjakan along the way, where you’ll see wonderful sunrise vistas which include the plumed Gunung Semeru to the south, Java’s highest peak at 3676 meters in altitude. On a clear Penanjakan morning, you’ll also be able to see the adjacent volcanoes of Gunung Bromo, Gunung Batok, and Gunung Kursi which ring a huge crater spanning 10km. 

After Penjanakan, your visit will take you to Gunung Bromo, where you’ll climb to the spectacular crater rim to look into the caldera’s still active surface, a stunning vista that makes this trip unforgettable.

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