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WoWasis introduces two exciting new weekly columns

Written By: herbrunbridge - May• 29•10

Pa Farng's 'The Good Manner'

This week, we’re introducing two new columns by veteran writers on the Southeast Asian beat. Pa Farang and Khun Lee each have unique perspectives on the social scene in Bangkok, and their opinions have value when dealing in social situations all over Asia.

Pa Farang’s The Good Manner provides love advice to expat men and women, for the curious, the lonely, the confused, and the cautious. Every week, Pa Farang answers the most vexing of your questions, helping you, by understanding SE Asia’s cultural and social mores, to weave your way through the minefield of broken hearts scattered throughout the region.

Khun Lee's 'Bachelor in Bangkok'

Khun Lee’s Bachelor in Bangkok is a harder-hitting, no holds barred romp through the nightlife scene. A veteran, opinionated, and occasionally acerbic commentator, Khun Lee’s  focus is to prevent you from losing your money, dignity, and self-respect, while navigating Bangkok’s nightlife scene. Bachelor in Bangkok is not for the faint-of-heart, nor the easily offended.

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