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Sukarno Museum and Memorial sites in Blitar, Java, Indonesia

Written By: herbrunbridge - May• 28•10

Sitting room in Sukarno's boyhood home

Born Kusno Sosrodihardjo, Sukarno (also spelled Soekarno) was the first president of Indonesia. He was born in the city of Blitar on June 6, 1901, was overthrown by one of his generals, Suharto, in 1967, and died June 21, 1970. 

Known affectionately as Bung Karno in his native city, his body was eventually transferred from an unmarked grave to the large monument called Makam Bung Karno, where a museum dedicated to the life of Sukarno now stands, adjacent to his grave. A visit to the museum is recommended for anyone wishing to learn more about the emergence of Indonesia as a country. It’s located 2 km north of the city at GPS S08°05.152’  E112°10.507’ 

In addition to the burial site and museum, we recommend a visit to Sukarnos’ boyhood home, known as the Museum Soekarno. The house itself is a beautiful example of Dutch Indonesian architecture, and many of Sukarno personal effects have their repositories here, and include his bedroom and state car. Sukarno’s house and museum are located at GPS S08°05.889’  E112°10.568’

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