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Top 3 in Jogjakarta, doorway to Central Java, Indonesia

Written By: herbrunbridge - May• 28•10

Ride a becak through the old quarter of Jogjakarta

Jogjakarta (also spelled Yogyakarta) is a beautiful city replete with colonial and traditional buildings, cultural events, and is a terrific central location from which to visit nearby temples such as Borobudur. Travel in Jogjakarta is easy by renting any of the colorful three-wheel becak pedicabs that are plentiful throughout the city. 

Jogjakarta Top 3

1) Walk through the kraton, the old walled city. 25,000 people live within the old walls. Here you’ll find the fascinating Water Castle (Taman Sari), the underground mosque, and the Pasar Ngasem (bird market). A walk through the surrounding neighborhood is fascinating. Of particular note is the Golden Pavilion (Bangsal Kencana), part of the Sultan’s palace, which also contains a museum. 

2) See an evening puppet show and dance program. Shadow puppet shows are held nearly every night at the Sonobudoyo Museum, and authentic Ramayana dance and gamelan performances are held at the Purawisata Amusement Park. 

3)  Visit nearby temples. You can take day trips to a number of nearby temples. Among those not to be missed are: 

Dieng Plateau

Mendut Temple
PlaoSan Temple
Pranbanan Temple

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