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Meraki volacano lahar buries village of Kaliadem

Written By: herbrunbridge - May• 28•10

Meraki lahar continues to encroach on one of the few remaining structures at Kaliadem

Gunung Meraki, 30 km north of Jogjakarta, remains Java’s most active volcano. The destructive force of Meraki includes a series of lahars, one of which, in 2006, raced down the bebeng River and buried the town of Kaliadem. Today, a visit to Kalidem is interesting, both for the half-buried remains of the town, as well as for the massive retaining wall that’s been built to confine the detritus as well as can be expected from continuing its destructive path downward to heavy rains. The destroyed village of Kaliadem is located at GPS S07°35.388’  E110°26.551’

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