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The Effects of Foreign Culture on Cambodian Culture

Written By: herbrunbridge - Dec• 21•15

Today’s guest blogger is Bora Nikol, writing from Cambodia:

Culture reflects the entire image of any region or nation. How the people dress, what they eat, whom they worship and what they dislike are a few of the elements that collaborate to form the definition of culture. Cambodia, being a prominent country in Southeast Asia, is a rich mixture of colorful traditions and humble people that exhibit its unique essence.


Ravishing cultural factors of Cambodia

Cambodian culture has distinctive taste of religion, housing, clothing, birth and death rituals, art and sports. The Khmer Annual Day has been celebrated on the 9th of November each year since its independence from France in 1953. The people usually follow the traditions of their ancestors that were notably represented in past eras such as the Kingdom of Funan, the Kingdom of Chenla, and the Khmer Empire. The majority of Cambodians follow Buddhism, but others follow Christianity and Islam as well. Architectures of Cambodian houses are designed according to the carving of mythical creatures of their religions. Cambodians habitually wear the checkered scarf popularly known as Krama along with the customary garment called Sampot. Classic dances and theatrical celebrations are bright lights in the world of Cambodian art.

Positive impacts of foreign culture

Cambodians are often quick to embrace the latest technologies. Mobile phones, internet searches, and interactive shopping on sites such as Kaymu are three of the more important trends bringing advancements in Cambodia, adding convenience to the lives of its population. From a career perspective, they enable the new generation to get involved in the world of information technology.

Cambodians feel it is highly important to be aware of what is going around the world. The implementation of social media in Cambodian homes provides an additional awareness of world affairs and assists them in making personal judgments as to what they feel is good and bad for their country. Moreover, the environmental hazards like storms and change in weather are also easily predicted.

Negative impacts of foreign culture

Like other countries, Cambodia is in danger of forgetting the traditional spirit of her country. By the inclusion of foreign culture into Cambodia, people are more likely interested in the Western strategies to survive instead of what their ancestors followed. Food increasingly reflects the Western taste instead of its own delicious ingredients.

The young generation of Cambodia may be losing perspective on the sort of lives lived by the people of her past. From attire to accessories, much today has gained the color of West. Kids adore the Hollywood characters instead of religious figures. The Western dance styles are more common than the original classical form. Even the music that is played in markets or events is of Western composers and singers.

Whatever the scenario is, foreign culture has influenced Cambodia in both positive and negative ways. It is best to keep the balance and enjoy the concepts from the West while keeping Cambodian traditions alive and in the public eye.

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