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Walking on Patpong II’s wild side in Bangkok

Written By: herbrunbridge - Nov• 30•14

StripFetish1cBangkok’s Patpong adult entertainment area is legendary. But if you haven’t been to Patpong II recently, be prepared for a shock. It’s clean, fun, moderately upscale, and diverse, in terms of the adult options available. And the street is uncluttered with street stalls, unlike Patpong I next door. Both streets are easily accessible from the BTS Sala Daeng stop, three or four walking minutes away.

Most visitors to adult venues in Bangkok are familiar with the Nana Entertainment Plaza and Soi Cowboy, but many ignore the Patpong area, which developed a seedy reputation some time ago, mostly based on the dodgy upstairs establishments on Patpong I. Patpong II has changed all that, and it’s now a terrific street with a wide array of entertainment. You can stay in one venue or bar hop along the street. Dancers in these bars are traditional “gogo” dancers and the pricier “coyote” dancers. The latter charge higher bar fines, and other services may vary, depending on the lady and the club. For newer folks, “bar fine” refers to the amount you pay the bar to take the lady out of the club. Any additional services requiring the lady’s time, and extra fees as well, should be discussed with your lady before you pay the bar fine. Always be sure to ask a friendly mamasan about the pricing structure and service level per lady, to be sure.

Here’s a quick tour of Patpong II, starting from Silom Road on Patpong II’s southern end.

BarBar: This venue calls itself a “safe, sane, and conceptual” fetish club, where people ranging from curiosity seekers to veteran fetishists can simply watch, or engage in fetish activities with the hostesses. BarBar manager Barbara, in an interview with WoWasis , notes that it’s easy to become involved, or just look and enjoy the small fetish shows that are constantly “on stage.” The entry price of 900 baht includes a free drink and as many shows as you’d like to watch. Additional services are available, just ask the mamasan!

Meet new friends at BarBar

Meet new friends at BarBar

Club Electric Blue: This pulsating gogo bar has a long stage which spans practically the entire club, yet retains a sense of intimacy. Sightlines are generous, mamasans extremely friendly, and there are always a number of expat locals in the crowd. Bar fines are 600 baht for ladies in skirts and 1000 baht for “coyote” dancers in hot pants.

Bada Bing: This friendly bar has a great DJ, and music that can be heard right on the street. It’s a larger club with terrific sightlines to the stage, and extremely friendly and engaging dancers, always ready with a smile and great eye contact with the audience. Gogo dancers wearing white shirts can be barfined for 600 baht, while coyotes are available for 1000.

Strip A GoGo: This small bar is the most intimate gogo venue on the street, where you’re never more than a few feet away from the nearest dancer. You can either sit at a booth on the left side of the bar as you enter, or turn right for stadium seating. Bar fines for gogo dancers are 800 baht, 1000 for coyotes, but there aren’t uniforms that distinguish them, so do ask the mamsan.

Cosmos Bar: This venerated drinking establishment is the place to go if you want to have a drink with a buddy. Or if you’re waiting for a buddy who hasn’t finished with his lady yet. Or if you don’t have a buddy and you don’t want to drink alone. A Patpong II institution.

Black Pagoda: This bar and “meeting” establishment defies description. It’s a gogo bar, an art venue (look at the walls!), and a party space. Its third-floor bridge runs right over Patpong II, providing the best and most exotic view of who and what’s happening on the street below.

BlackPagodaSign2cPink Panther: This bar sits on the corner of Patpong II and Surawong, and has perhaps the most interesting stage environment on the street. The ladies dance on one of eight small tables that cover the floor area. Each table can accommodate one or two dancers, and most of them have a bar top and chairs where customers can enjoy the interaction up close. Pink Panther actually has three levels of bar fines (600, 800, 1000 baht) which can be confusing, so again, do ask the mamasan. There may also be an additional fixed fee for any non-club services that your lady may offer, so doubly again, do ask the mamasan first before you make any commitment.
Other Patpong II options

In addition to the gogo, coyote, and fetish bars on this short but remarkable street, there are also two exceptional restaurants with great chefs (“G’s” German cuisine, hosted by Guido, and “La Bouchon,” French cuisine, hosted by Serge). For ladyboy enthusiasts, there’s King’s Corner II, and Target II, a pool hall for those who just want to ignore the whole business and play a game.

In summation, Patpong II offers a more varied experience than Bangkok’s other two major adult areas, Nana Entertainment Plaza, and Soi Cowboy. The quality of the dancers is equal to the other areas, the food is more international in scope, and at least one of the clubs (BarBar) is, for sure, kinkier. Even on a good night, Patpong II will be less crowded than the other venues, too.

If you haven’t been to Patpong II, it’s time for a look. And if you’re shaking your head, saying “there’s nothing on Patpong anymore,” time to come back. You won’t believe what you’ll see.

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