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WoWasis travel product review: never lose your bag again with suitcase handle grips that are durable, colorful, and essential

Written By: herbrunbridge - Sep• 13•14

NeopreneGrips_We here at WoWasis are constantly vexed by three suitcase handle problems that drive us nutty, but not any longer. We’ve found an inexpensive and great solution. Before we tell you what it is, do any of these three problems sound familiar?

1) You’ve got a great shoulder bag with a web strap that keeps —annoyingly — slipping off your shoulder.

2) You’ve got a great bag with a leather, rubber, or plastic handle that’s shredding. The bag is too good to get rid of, but the handle has seen better days.

3) Your bag looks like every other one coming off the baggage carousel at the airport and you wish you could identify it faster.

We’ve found the solution for all of these problems in one terrific product. It’s the Red Color Comfort Neoprene Handle Wraps/Grip/Identifier for Travel Bag Luggage Suitcase. This durable velcro-grip handle attaches to everything. We tested it, and it’s a gem. To wit:

1) Our shoulder bag no longer slips off our shoulder.
2) We’ve already been able to save one great bag with a crappy handle because the neoprene handle wrap slips over it.
3) We now identify our bag immediately off the carousel. We don’t have to carefully inspect every bag that looks like ours, and other travelers don’t mistake ours either.

This great gizmo comes in packs of three and sells for under $10 USD, easily the best value of any travel gadget that we’ve seen in the past several years. Buy it now from the WoWasis eStore.

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