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WoWasis travel product review: the indestructible Travelon Luggage Tag

Written By: herbrunbridge - Jun• 28•14

TravelonLuggageTagsWhy review something as mundane as a luggage tag? Because good ones are so hard to find, that’s why. Here at WoWasis, we’ve burned through dozens of luggage tags in our lifetime, and we got so sick of replacing them that we thought of designing our own. Travelon has designed a great one, though, and we love it. Before we tell you why, here are some of the problems we had with previous tags.

1) A hard plastic tag broke when we accidentally stepped on it. Not difficult to do, when your bag is under the airline seat in front of you. Get up to go to the bathroom, you hear a “pop” and you realize you’ve stepped on and broken your tag.
2) Leather luggage tags that get wet, then soggy.
3) Luggage tags that won’t fit your business card unless you trim it. When you do, your address & email can’t be seen.
4) Rubber tags that delaminated, causing the tag to be instantaneously worthless.
5) Tags that look like everybody else’s. We want ours to stand out so that we can ID our luggage on the airport belt really fast.

Travelon has fixed the problem, and fixed it well. First of all, they’re colorful. You’ll be able to identify your bag quickly. They’re made of durable, pliable rubber. You can bend them, twist them, step on them, and they won’t break. That’s important, because baggage handling systems are notoriously tough on luggage tags. If you get your rubber Travelon tags wet, they’ll dry fast. Just insert your new, dry business card, and you’re back in business. There’s room enough in the tag to fit two business cards. That’s important if you have a couple of businesses with different addresses. Hide one card behind the other. Simply switch them as the need arises, perfect for people who are engaged in multiple businesses and addresses. All the information is visible in the big clear plastic-covered window, too.

Travelon packages them in twos, and has a number of different designs, from colorful puzzles to geometric designs.  At $10 a pack, they’re not cheap, but you probably will never have to buy another luggage tag in your life.

Sound like we’re in love with this product? We are. They’re terrific, and worth every penny. Buy them here at the WoWasis eStore.

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