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Foul Play Suspected in disappearance of journalist Dave Walker in Cambodia

Written By: herbrunbridge - Feb• 20•14

WalkerDave1aAs was reported in the Phnom Penh Post this week, noted Canadian journalist and filmmmaker Dave Walker has been reported missing from his Siem Reap guest house for five days. His passport, telephone, computer, and possessions were all left behind, and foul play is suspected.

Walker reportedly left the Green Village Angkor guesthouse on February 14 with only a bottle of water, taking a short walk while his room was being cleaned. As of February 19, Walker has not been located. According to National Post writer Stewart Bell, Walker had been working on a film on the subject of a former Khmer Rouge official. Walker’s friends are at odds as to whether he might have made enemies with former members of the Khmer Rouge, as speculation is that his disappearance may be linked to investigations he made in preparation for the film.

If, in fact, there is no direct Khmer Rouge link to his disappearance, who else might have wanted Walker silenced? Reports are rampant in Cambodia regarding NGOs (non-governmental organizations) working with police and military officials to shake down male visitors falsely accused of abusing children. In such cases, a bribe, often in the neighborhood of $30,000 USD is demanded, and if not paid, the victim is jailed. Could Walker have possibly been investigating such a story?

Speculation as to the cause of Walker’s disappearance is rife and police are reportedly investigating. Unlike a number of other westerners who have disappeared in southeast Asia over the years, Walker was a well-known individual. Dave Walker is perhaps best known to westerners as the co-author, along with Richard Ehrlich, of Hello My Big Big Honey, a book written in 2000 based on love letters to Bangkok bar girls.

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  1. Dave Walker’s body found:

    The family, friends, and many loved ones of Dave Walker are deeply saddened that Dave was found dead today, May 1, at the Angkor Wat temples in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

    He had been missing since he disappeared from his residence under very disturbing circumstances in Siem Reap on February 14 this year.

    Dave Walker’s family wants to thank the Cambodian Siem Reap Provincial Immigration Police for their professional cooperation and efforts, in particular when Dave’s body was found near the Victory gate entranceway at the Angkor Wat temples late this morning.

    The site where his body was discovered was secured by Cambodian authorities and, at the request of Dave’s family, a senior medical doctor from Siem Reap went to the site to do a professional examination of Dave’s body to determine the proper procedures to follow to determine the cause of his death. The doctor, after a professional examination, concluded he could not determine the cause of death and recommended a specialist pathologist be brought in to determine the cause and circumstances of Dave’s death and that an autopsy be performed. Cambodian law enforcement officials from the Siem Reap provincial Immigration police, whose cooperation is appreciated by the family of Dave Walker, secured the scene and said it appeared that Dave died several weeks ago. A pathologist is being brought in to confirm forensics and a medical autopsy will be arranged to attempt to determine the cause and time of Dave’s death.

    Dave’s body was reportedly discovered by a Cambodian child and the Cambodian police have secured the area, pending further investigation.

    Dave lived a remarkable life and was loved by many thousands around the world. We want to thank the Cambodian people for the love they have shown Dave that was equal to the nearly 30 years of love Dave devoted to Cambodia and its people.

    Many thousands of Cambodians, as did Dave, died under senseless and tragic circumstances. Dave devoted his life to bring to justice those responsible for the deaths of more than 2 million Cambodian in the 30 years he worked and lived in that country.

    Dave Walker’s family asks that the Cambodian authorities continue their efforts to determine the cause of Dave’s disappearance and death and Dave’s family and loved ones request that the Canadian government begin now to formally investigate, in order to move forward and bring those who were responsible for Dave’s senseless death to justice. The family requests that their privacy be respected and that people respect the investigation into the circumstances and causes of Dave Walker’s death.

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