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WoWasis’ visits Kyoto’s Tofuku-ji Hojo “Hasso” Garden

Written By: herbrunbridge - Jul• 19•13

Tofuku-jiTemple2cTofuku-ji Temple with its well-known garden is southeast of Kyoto’s center, and is well worth the visit, both for its renowned garden, but also for the fact that there are relatively few visitors here, and the serenity can be welcome after braving crowds at Kyoto’s better known sites. It’s also close to the Fumisjhi Inari Shrine, and not too far from Sanjusangen-do Temple, so you can see them all in a two or three hour period.

Tofuku-jiGarden1cTofuku-ji’s gardens are the highlight here. The Hojo (abbott’s hall) was rebuilt in 1890, and the Hasso garden dates from 1939, designed by Shigemori Mirei. It is the only temple in Japan in which the garden encompasses all four sides of the temple. The garden, comprising stones, trees, and raked gravel, is deeply symbolic, representing islands, scared mountains, and constellations.  We at WoWasis found this island of tranquility to be one of our favorite places in Kyoto, well away from tour buses, school kids, and souvenir stands.   

15-778 Honmahi, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, Japan
Tel: 561-0087
Open 9:00-4:00
Take JR Nara train line to Tokufuji station; temple is an easy 10 minute walk from there

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