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“Big girl” brothel busted in Tokyo: WoWasis asks why?

Written By: herbrunbridge - Jul• 17•13

NoFuckingLogobWe needed to put “big girl” in quotes (rather than putting “big girl brothel” in the title), because word has come from Tokyo that the Makkasu Bodi (Max Body) brothel-to-go has been busted by Japanese police. The business catered to gentlemen that like their women big, or “like explosive boobs and asses,” said a police spokesperson.

If the women were big, so were the profits. The weight of the women ranged from 220 to 330 pounds (100 to 150 kilos). The woman who allegedly ran the business, Keiko Saito, apparently had thirty women working for her, and earned more than $3 million USD over three years.  Here at WoWasis, we really wonder whether there are too many police in Japan…

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