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WoWasis travel product review: the SunDog indestructible book cover

Written By: herbrunbridge - Jul• 06•13

SunDogbookcoverDid you ever use a product that was so good and yet so simple that you used it for years and just didn’t think about how good it was?  That’s why we here at WoWasis are writing about the book covers from SunDog that we’ve been using for years.

What’s a book cover? It’s a slinky portfolio-type device that allows you to slip front and back covers of the book you’re reading into it. The book cover protects the book, and we’ve been using it for years on every guidebook we’ve taken overseas. We save our guidebooks because of all the notes we put in them, but like to covers to look pristine when they’re on our bookshelf at home. SunDog’s covers appear to be waterproof (we’ve never tested that), has a zippered front inside pocket for stashing stuff, a sewn-in bookmark (we use that a lot!), and best of all, we’ve had ours for more than 20 years, not a single stitch unwoven, not a single tear, nothin’!

ChinaWe originally bought three of them (different sizes) at Barnes & Noble.  We wish we could tell you where you could buy one, but SunDog’s website isn’t any help. So we’ll just say that the SunDog book cover is an exceptional product that you’ll use over and over again, and will probably outlast you. If it doesn’t, they have a lifetime warranty. This is a hell of a product!

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