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WoWasis asks: Should I visit or boycott Burma?

Written By: docreineger - Apr• 17•10

Rangoon's Shwedagon: always a clean sweep

With Burma’s reputation sullied by the ongoing and persuasive global reports of the actions of her military regime, and international calls for a travel boycott on the part of potential visitors, is it worth even considering going to Burma?  It depends on your philosophy and perspective. 

WowAsis feels that intelligent, knowledgeable travelers get that way by visiting countries that have much to offer on one hand, even though a disagreeable government presides on the other.  There is no indication that Burma’s government will change in the near future, United Nations efforts notwithstanding.  In making a decision not to go to Burma, the traveler will miss her profound monuments, and getting to know her wonderful people.  The traveler will also miss the opportunity to put money directly in the hands of the people who need it most. 

The nomenclature we use on our Burma site, using traditional place names (e.g. Burma and Rangoon, vs. Myanmar and Yangon) is indicative about how we feel personally about the situation there.  Intelligent, informed readers and travelers, we feel, are capable of making choices themselves.  We encourage you to read the literature, and decide for yourself if Burma travel is for you.  If it is, you’ll find a wealth of information on WoWasis’ Burmese blog, and believe you’ll come back from your trip better informed by the experience.

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