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Bali’s fun nightlife in Seminyak and Kuta

Written By: herbrunbridge - May• 20•10

Friendly servers in Seminyak's Bush Telegraph bar

Bali’s nightlife centers around the southern towns of Seminyak and Kuta. While Indonesia’s night scene may not rival that of Thailand or the Philippines, it’s worth a night out just to take a look. Nightlife here starts late, around 10 pm or so, and carries on until 3 in the morning. Don’t worry if your bar closes early. Just ask anyone for the name of another bar open late, and it won’t be more than a couple of kilometers away, maximum. Jump on a motorbike and join the fun. 

There’s a thriving gay scene, too, in bars like the Q Bar and Nirvana. And for a cold beer and a nice bar meal, we really like the Bush Telegraph.

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