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Welcome to Bangladesh: an introduction

Written By: herbrunbridge - Jan• 09•13

Welcome to Bangladesh! Here, braving the challenges of a country that doesn’t have much of a travel infrastructure for the westerner does have significant rewards. You’ll see things most people you know haven’t, like the wonderful historical temples and mosques outside of Rajshahi and Bagerhat, outside of Khulna. The Sundarbans National Park consists of the world’s largest mangrove forest. Friendly Bangladeshi people everywhere will help you get to your destination. Lots of them are university students who speak great English, too. The nation’s street stall vendors carry much of the color of Bangladesh. 

Transportation here has its highs and lows, but once you’ve gotten your train ticket and found your seat, you’re on a roll. Like any country, you’ll have a few downers, too. We’d be remiss if we didn’t warn you about Dhaka traffic and Bangladesh’s pollution and hygienic challenges 

Adventure travel is an apt description of what it’s like to travel in Bangladesh. Here, you’ve got most historical sites to yourself, often accompanied by some of the world’s most polite kids. Tour buses are absent for the most part. There’s a great argument for going to Bangladesh now, before the government wakes up and makes it easy.

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