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Bangkok’s Nana Plaza sex emporium good for another 10 years now that master lease has been renewed

Written By: herbrunbridge - Jan• 08•13

To the relief of millions of punters worldwide, Bangkok’s Nana Entertainment Plaza has had its master lease renewed for another ten years. This three story atrium boasts dozens of go-go and beers bars, to go along with five ladyboy bars. In short, there’s something here for everyone. Prior to the signing of the lease, there had been some concern that the plaza, which occupies a valuable piece of real estate on Sukhumvit Soi 4, would be sold and a high-rise built in its place. This may eventually occur, but now cannot legally occur prior to the year 2023. 


Bangkok’s legendary Dave the Rave

WoWasis ran into Nana Plaza expert and blogger Dave the Rave, who gave us some of his own personal highlights of what has resulted from the new lease: 

1)      There are now new owners to several of the venues, including Angelwitch and DC-10.
2)      Owners are now upgrading their establishments to include new décor and better restrooms.
3)      The venerable Sexy Night, at 30 years old the longest Nana establishment operating under original management, remains totally unchanged. See an original Bangkok bar the way it was in 1983.
4)      Khun Toy, today’s finest Nana deejay, and who knows Vietnam-era rock better than anyone, continues to spin to the dancing gals at DC-10. 

Khun Toy, the best DJ in Nana Plaza, specializes in Vietnam-era rock and rock at the DC-10 bar

Bar fines (the price one pays for taking a lady out of a club) remain averaging 600 baht. Prices for short times (approximately one hour, but could be more, could be less, depending on the lady) vary by the lady, who sets her own prices, but are in the 1500-4000 baht range, although 4000 baht wouldn’t be considered by most punters to be excessive. 

Visitors who rebel at paying for the affections of ladies in the Nana area are reminded that the difference between paid sex and free sex is that free sex costs more. Ask any male resident of Bangkok, expat or native.

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  1. The general feeling is that the Rainbow Bars, particularly Rainbow 4 on the second level, and Rainbow 1, on the first level, have some of the best looking girls in Nana Plaza. These bars, though, cater to high-paying Japanese visitors, rather than the 1500 baht that is more typical for non Japanese-oriented bars. The women will demand 3500-4000 baht for short times. BTW, Rainbow 1 is a shoe fetishist’s delight, as the dancers wear pumps, etc, rather than boots.

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