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WoWasis Bangladeshi restaurant review: The Casuarina at the Naz Garden Hotel, in Bogra, Bangladesh

Written By: admin - Jan• 02•13

Here at WoWasis, we don’t do many restaurant reviews. There are too many, and too many websites doing that. It’s rare that we rave about a dining experience, but we’ve just got to tell you about this one because it was so unique. It’s the Casuarina restaurant located in the Naz Garden Hotel in the city of Bogra in Bangladesh. You’ll eventually pass through Bogra when you go to the ancient historical sites of Puthia, Natore, Paharpur, and Mahasthangarh, which are the major sites in the Rajshahi-Bogra area. 

We ended up at the Casuarina for lunch and found a menu combining Western, Thai, Chinese, and Bangladeshi cuisine. And we were skeptical, having eaten a large number of marginal meals in Bangladesh. Here, we ended up having our best meal in Bangladesh. Everything was spectacular, and it hardly cost anything, by western standards. 

Our selections were simple but varied. We had egg fried rice @ 270 taka, Thai fried chicken (6 pieces) @ 350 taka, Chinese mixed vegetables @ 140 taka, soft drinks, water, coffee and tea for an additional 285 taka, for a grand total of 1,045 taka , or $13 USD. That’s for two people. The portions were huge, and we were stuffed. The egg fried rice appeared to have been cooked in butter, and we’ve never had better. 

It’s not all that easy getting a superb western meal in Bangladesh sometimes, and this place, located seemingly out in the middle of nowhere, surprised the heck out of us. When go you to the historical sites of Puthia, Natore, Paharpur, and Mahasthangarh, you’re going to need to get lunch or dinner. Get it here, and we’ll bet you’ll be raving, too. 

Casuarina Restaurant
Naz Garden Hotel
Silimpur, Bogra-5800
Tel: 051-78088

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