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A magnificent stroll through Jeju Art Park on Korea’s Jeju Island

Written By: herbrunbridge - Nov• 24•12

Korea’s Jeju Island has a wealth of outdoor experiences, so many, in fact that it’s easy to miss several good ones. Here at WoWasis, we feel that the Jeju Art Park is something you shouldn’t miss. The Art Park has more than 160 art works by Korean sculptors, laid out over a large 430,000 square meter surface. The trail system is sophisticated yet easy to navigate, and the plethora of different styles means that the visitor will be exposed to visually stimulating views at virtually every turn.

The park is big enough that you can easily escape the presence of other visitors and seemingly will have the place to yourself.  On the day we were there, the other visitors had the same idea we did, and we all scattered to different points of the compass to enjoy the sculptures on our own.

Jeju’s not a big island, so the Art Park is an easy drive from just about everywhere, 20 km west of Seoguipo City near the southern coast road, and 40 km south of Jeju City. It’s a wonderful place to spend a couple of leisurely hours, away from tour buses and crowds.

Jeju Art Park
Tel: (064) 794-9680

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