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Walk Korea’s spectacular Yongmeori Coast on Jeju Island

Written By: herbrunbridge - Nov• 24•12

There’s lots of magnificent coastline in Korea, but for us here at WoWasis, the Yongmeori Coast in southwestern Jeju Island is hard to beat. Its rock formations are vivid and particularly colorful with the afternoon sun. To get here, you cross the highway from Sanbangsan mountain and walk a few meters to the ticket booth. The Youngmeori Coast can only be seen by walking, and the two entrance gates are closed during high tide, as the walking paths are all underwater then.

When the tide lowers enough to visit, you’ll be astounded by a wonderland of colorful sandstone rocks carved by wind and water. You will walk around the promontory (there are two gates, and you’ll either be walking essentially west or east), joined by fishermen and Korean families, who will hunker down and have a lunch of freshly caught seafood and rice wine. Westerners are not all that common here, so don’t be surprised if a friendly family invites you to a drink and a seafood hors d’oeuvre (a great opportunity to experience Korean hospitality).

Friendly Koreans will often ask you to try some of their lunch, a great time for you to meet new friends…

The Yongmeori Coast isn’t that long, but rocks can get slippery. So wear shoes with gripping soles. This is one of the most spectacular walks in Korea, so give it at least one hour of your time.

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