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Seoul’s Royal Donggureung Tombs are a historical treasure and a break from the noise of the city

Written By: herbrunbridge - Oct• 11•12

King Mungjong’s tomb

If you’re like us here at WoWasis, and love museums, you probably get quickly fed up with the general noise level at Seoul’s major museums. Forget about the concept of reflecting on art. Seoul’s museums are deluged with busloads of screaming schoolchildren during the week, and carloads of screaming family kids during the weekend. Essentially, there’s no difference in Korea between a museum and a children’s theme park, in terms of kiddie noise and behavior, including playing tag, hide-and-seek, tantrums, etc.

Getting away from this racket is just one reason you should visit the Royal Donggureung tombs, just outside of Seoul. The tombs themselves are spectacular, and one or two are always available to climb, in order to view the tombs and the statuary close-up. Signs are posted all over the place “Be Quiet.” So no school buses. There are 42 tombs from the 519-year era of Joseon rule on the site, and nine are easily accessible, at this UNESCO World Heritage site. Walking from tomb to tomb presents a leisurely stroll through this historical park, which you can fully tour in just under two hours. We suggest coming here before noon, when the light’s at a good angle. To get here, Seoul Metro and a city bus can do it in less than an hour from the center of the city. The site has a wonderful map that leads you on a well-planned path through the nine tombs.

Gateway to the tomb of King Taejo

Royal Donggureung Tombs
217-14 Donggureung-gil, Guri-si, Gyeongg-do 471-010
Tel: 02-31-564-2909
Open 6:30 am – 5:30 pm
Closed Mondays

To get here, take the #2 Metro line to the Gangbyeon station, and take exit 4. Cross the street, then turn right, cross another street, and you’ll see a bus stop. Take either the #1, the 1-1, or the 9-2 bus, and ask the driver to let you off at Donggureung. Donggureung will be across the street from where the driver lets you off.

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