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Angeles City bar girls aggressively post street prices to fight global warming

Written By: herbrunbridge - May• 14•10


Renting her services on a daily or weekly rate will help fight global warming, says Angeles bar girl

In solidarity with thousands of world organizations, bar girls working the fabled strip in Angeles City, Philippines are making themselves available on the street with prices clearly posted. Available for daily or weekly rates, women working the bars are now available to passersby, who now don’t even have to walk into a bar. “Those clubs use lots of electricity for music, air conditioning, and lighting,” says one bar girl. “Thousands of us have banded together to lessen our global footprint. The customers’ haggling over prices has caused too much hot air in the clubs, increasing the power needed for the additional air conditioning. To solve the problem, we’re going green by putting our prices right on the street, in plain view. If greengrocers, lemonade stands, and gas stations can openly post prices, so should we.”

Asked if she would consider posting hourly rates as well, the comely lass we interviewed responded “We’re not doing this to make it easier for Cheap Charlies. If they’re looking for an hourly rate, tell them to put their banana into a parking meter instead. We’re going green, so have some respect.”

By some estimates, as many as 10,000 bar girls work the Angeles City bar strip. It would appear that if the rest of the world reflected a similar eco-consciousness, the dangers associated with global warming could be, in short order, merely a dim memory.

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  1. Thanks for your comment, Dave. Surprising how many people didn’t get the satire, but we left their comments on the post, as that’s a story in itself.
    – WoWasis

  2. Dave Brox says:

    What a great laugh, I loved the satire. Apologies to the street workers, of course. Totally fabricated, of course. The writer did not think that people would be dumb enough to take him seriously….. I mean, come on, that girl for 4000 pesos a week, in your dreams….hahaha

  3. pesawat says:

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  4. Here at WoWasis, we’re always happy to print responses from great spellers like Bill.

  5. dotco says:

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  6. jurgen says:

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  7. Mathew says:

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  8. jAMS says:

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    I think –you must increase your knowledge.
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  9. Tsk tsk. We SWEAR that girl told us it was to rent HER. You just don’t know who to believe these days!

  10. DP says:

    you assholes….. that sign is to rent a motorbike, why do you think its resting on the bike… its located in front of Margarita station… seen it many times… Dickheads

  11. medic says:

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  12. radiorip says:

    What a joke! The sign is for the motorcycle rental. The post is a complete fabrication. This claim is not really happening, the writer is making trouble by false reports.

  13. TONY says:

    This action by some working prostitutes of Angeles City should be prohibited. Prostitution in the Philippines is illegal. Second, freelancer without the weekly medical check up provided by the club owners will surely increase the rate of STD in the area. If you are on vacation, pay a little more and spend time with the women with an ID card working in a legit establishment. This will ensure an enjoyable vacation and lessen the possibility of catching a disease. As always practice safe sex.

  14. tataga says:

    i am happy to find it thanks for sharing it here. Nice work.

  15. Scully says:

    Cmon buddy, can’t you see the satire here? They’re talking about hot air from customers, air conditioning, and thes rest of the stuff is just nuts. Get a sense of humor!

  16. Jack says:

    sorry, it is not very intelligent to post such new’s, as this will attract lots of sex tourist….

    you are one of the reason why sextourism increase…

    really really bad….

    u should use your head before you post such news

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