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WoWasis visits Sri Lanka’s Spice Garden hawkers

Written By: herbrunbridge - Feb• 19•12

Spice gardens prove to be a welcome stop along the Colombo-Kandy highway

On the road from Colombo to Kandy, especially near the area close to the Elephant Orphanage (which we feel is overpriced and unworth the visit, unless you’ve never seen an elephant before), you’ll find a number of signs saying ‘Spice Garden,’ or ‘Spice Grove,’ fronting local spice operations. We visited one of them, The Island 25 Spice Grove, on the main road skirting the town of Mawanella. and think you should too. Here’s why…

This grove is a private enterprise, has been there over 100 years, and has a number of spice trees and bushes growing there. You’ll be taken on a short tour, then return to a table where your guide — who triples as a hawker and masseuse — will extol the virtues of various balms and oils, and offer to give you a rubdown, free of charge (a small tip is appreciated). It’s a load of fun and a welcome break. We here at WoWasis bought some citronella balm for mosquitoes that was fragrant and effective (in that particular area of Sri Lanka), and the spice garden experience we thought was wonderful, especially since we still had a 3 hour drive to Kandy.

The Island 25 Spice Grove
25, Uthuwankanda, Mawanella, Sri Lanka
Tel: 0094-35-224-1637

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  1. sammy says:

    Check out this website

    You can find information on the products they sell in spice gardens in Sri Lanka

  2. Tourslk says:

    Nice to see some excellent reviews like yours. We visited a Spice Garden in Matale recently see

  3. Jenny says:

    Hi, I was there for a visit to the Spice Island. Bought Herbal Red Oil/Balm, Oil for hair(hope my hair grow) and Waxing cream. I have try it for my mother, the red oil/balm. She is happy with the oil. Waxing cream is good. The product is expensive. Hope can get it cheaper. Any idea where to get it for good price.

  4. sally tarbox says:

    Hi! I visited the Spice Gardens a couple of weeks ago, and yes I too felt pressured into buying. BUT now I’m back in GB & let elderly mother try Red Oil (she’s got osteoporosis, arthritis) & it’s fab. Lumps disappeared, bones feel easier, so wish I’d got bigger one. Seems to be wonder cure.

  5. Lorna says:

    I am not surprise why most of you guys are unhappy with this place. Yeah, they do have lots of hearbal products but its pretty obvious that they will tour you around and at the end, they will RIPPED YOU OFF! They are indeed very good with selling their products and will introduce themselves are DOCTORS!!!

    I guess, its all up to you to buy but i feel bad that we paid so much money. I jsut really hope that this place will get investitation for RIPPING OFF their costumers. I will not recomment as well as its not really good. BUT THEN AGAIN, its all UP TO YOU if you will go and buy their products.

    One more thing, they will NEVER ASKED YOUR NATIONALITY IF THEY WILL SEE YOUR ASIAN! perhaps, they knew they can’t ripped ASIAN most and i feel sad for my husband… but infairness their product is good but before buying theirs, better check more online.. i should have done that whilst we were there.. God bless them and i pray that one day, they will STOP ripping off people.. ITS NOT VERY GOOD! and for our bloody tour car? I will NEVER recommend that agency too, it seems that he’s getting lots of commission from every place we stop.. lolz..

  6. Gulmira says:

    very overpriced products. we checked priced of the same products in the other places and found out that we overpayed 4 times!!!!!! i will not recommend this shop to anyone.

  7. Sul says:

    Went there and was a nice place to look around. Prices for the products are a bit steep. Seems there is a big fluctuation in prices in Siri Lanka in general. You can get proper ripped off at some places if you are not familiars with the price range, sometimes a pay 5 times higher prices than another shop. I suggest doing some good due diligence before buying any product in sirilanka. Unless you are OK with over paying.

  8. malini murugain says:

    My husband is suffering from churg-strauss syndrome, can anyone advise me what kind of oil is suitable for him to apply, He has numbness on both if is legs [below the knee]. According to the doctors he has nerve damage. At the same time he has also a sinus problem and can anyone recommend any herbal oil for is sinus problem?

  9. Muhammad Sana-ur-Rab says:

    May I know detailed information of the following products and their total per pach cost as at Karachi, Pakistan including shipment time
    1. Cocoa Drink
    2. Red Oil And Herbal Balm
    3. Gastritis Care
    I need all these for my family use.

  10. Ouch, Elaine, that’s a toughie! About all we can say is that this is a great reason not to use debit cards to pay bills when traveling. With credit cards, you have recourse. We had a problem at Bangkok’s Nana Hotel, similar to this, and thank goodness we used a credit card. The credit card company fixed it all, read our post on this at

    BTW, you were charged 198 pounds… how much should you have been charged, originally?

  11. Elaine Wearing says:

    I went there and bought some body lotion and lemon and honey drink supposed to help weight loss. Used my debit card and found out when I got home that they charged me 38,150 SLR.
    THATS £198 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I WAS WELL RIPPED OFF – My fault for trusting them



  12. Nafla Nazeer says:

    hey, this garden is owned by my dad. very happy 2 c it hr.

  13. Martin Anker says:

    I have bought some herbal medicine last week, red oil with Herbal Balm. Please tell me how to use.

  14. selvi says:

    My recent visit to Sri Lanka to The Spice Island Grove, i bought the mug. The water was supposed to to kept overnight. Can i take the water as well as insulin injection. Are there any side effects. Pls. reply

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