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Bachelor in Bangkok: Khun Lee on the class structure of Thai women

Written By: herbrunbridge - Oct• 29•11

One mistake many foreigners make when dealing with the gals in Thailand is not recognizing what class the lass comes from.  Many western countries do not have a definite class structure so it is understandable that guys often make this simple but fatal error. Thailand, as most of you know already, has a very specific class structure which determines nearly everything about the individual from the time of their birth right through to their final demise.  It is extremely difficult (but not impossible) for a Thai person to break away from their inherited class level, and most just accept it as fate and live their lives accordingly.  Many foreign men additionally make the mistake of thinking that since they don’t care about status and class, it therefore doesn’t make any difference whatsoever what class level their new girlfriend happens to be.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Her class level will determine who she can be friends with, what kind of job she can get, what school she can attend, and every aspect of relationships and where she fits in to society at every level.  Many lower class gals even feel uncomfortable going to the better shopping malls, restaurants and night clubs inBangkok, even if they go with a higher class person.  You can buy expensive clothes and jewelry for your low class gal, but all Thai people will still know exactly who she is from a mile away. 

One of the most amazing aspects of this class structure is that the parameters are accepted and acknowledged by everyone in Thai society.  I have been in many countries where the lower class people resent the middle and upper class, and don’t totally accept their inferior lot in life.  Thailand is exactly the opposite.  The lower class not only accepts and acknowledges their status, they often look down at other low class people who may be 1/100th of a shade darker or have a slightly more menial job.  If one would rank the social status of Thais from 1 to 100, many Thais would refuse to socialize with anyone who was 1 or 2 levels lower on this scale, and conversely would be scared and intimidated to even talk to someone who is just 1 or 2 classes higher.  Try to get your gal to ask a stranger for directions when you are lost out in public somewhere inThailand and see the look of anguish on her face.  She will look around the immediate area and attempt to find someone from her own social level to approach as anyone else would be totally unacceptable. 

I must admit I find it amusing every time some extremely hot gal with slightly tan skin tells me how ugly she is, and how if I want to see real beauty I should meet her friend with the white skin.  I come from a country where 80% of the people have white skin so why the hell would I care about that?  Yes, not only social class but beauty is determined by these subtle differences.    

There is a flip side to this phenomenon for the extreme lower class gals.  They are already at the very bottom of the structure, so they can laugh out loud, dress and talk anyway that they want, sell their bodies, stagger around in public drunk, and pretty much do anything that they please because they can’t fall any lower on the social scale.  Like Bob Dylan wrote, “when you have nothing you got nothing to lose.”  Nearly every Thai person is totally obsessed with climbing higher on the social ladder, and also making sure that he or she doesn’t do anything that will cause a drop on the class scale.  The unfortunates (or fortunates whichever way you may think) are at the rock bottom already with virtually no hope of climbing higher so they can do whatever the f**k they want!  In many ways it is quite liberating, and I have a personal theory that many western guys are more attracted to the dark skin gals than the white skin gals, because these tend to be the ones so low on the class structure that they can be animated and fun loving without fear of negative consequences.  

I remember sitting at my favorite beer bar inNana Plaza joking around with one of the service girls.  We have known each other nearly ten years, and she often gives me advice and counseling much like a big sister would.  I had a lot to drink (as usual) and a super hot gal walked by the bar and sauntered into the plaza to work in one of the many naughty nightlife places.  I joked with my friend that the gal was so hot I was going to run after her and tell her I wanted to be her new boyfriend.  Naturally I was just fooling around but my friend got a really serious look on her face and said “now brother, if you want a new girlfriend go to meet an office gal, university gal or anybody who doesn’t work in here.  We are no good.”  She had actually thought I was serious, and it brought out her protective instincts.  I mentioned to her that she need not worry, and that I knew already that 95% of the gals inside that den of sex and mayhem were unsuitable for anything other than some short time sex and fun.  She twisted her head around, glared at me and said “you actually think 5% of us are good?  You have a lot to learn.  Try 1% and I might buy it.”

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