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What’s with my Thai broken toilet seat?

Written By: herbrunbridge - Oct• 01•11

The Good Manner: Advice on Thailand from WoWasis’ Pa Farang
This week’s dilemma: My new Thai broken toilet seat

Dear Pa Farang, 

Greetings from California.  I go to Thailand several times a year, and am proud to say that I’ve plumbed a Thai toilet hose into my bathroom here in the States.   Recently, at a home store in Bangkok, I bought a nifty toilet seat, made of sea shells and creatures embedded in sand, and encased in plastic resin.  I brought it back toCalifornia, installed it, and after 5 days, the damn thing broke, nearly flinging me into the bowl.  I paid 1000 baht for it, too!  I called the store from California and complained, but they refuse to take it back.  I don’t suppose I’ll get resolution on this, but would like you to warn others.   

–  Scammed Sandy 

Dear Sandy, 

Poor craftsmanship is endemic in every country.  Unfortunately, like used underwear and bathing suits, the store probably won’t take it back for hygienic reasons.  I suspect that these seats were not fully tested for weight (I would like to see the job description spec for the job!).  

I have also received reports of toilet hose nozzles going on the blink overseas as well.  Hydraulic experts here tell me that foreign countries may have increased water pressure, and that could be the cause. 

When we think of all the nice things Thailand exports, we think of fashion, crafts, and the occasional bottle of Mekhong Whiskey.  We do not think of plumbing items used for bathrooms.  I do not think you have been scammed, but instead, my opinion is that Thai manufacturers are not yet up to international standards in these matters.  That is the “bottom” line.

– Pa Farang 

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