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WoWasis visits Taiwan’s Customs Museum in Taipei

Written By: herbrunbridge - Sep• 29•11

One of Taipei’s more curiously odd museums is the Customs Museum. It sits in the highly secure Customs Building, so like we did here at WoWasis, you’ll need to call for an appointment. You’ll be given a tour of the museum by a uniformed customs official, and ours clearly enjoyed leaving the desk and pointing out many of the exotic items. Smuggling is one of their focuses, and they have a large number of objects on display in which smuggled goods were ensconced. Our favorite was the intricately carved 3 meter ivory pagoda, which was found to carry drugs. All sorts of bizarre weapons were seized, and they’re on display, too.

Everything to do with customs, from stamps, to uniforms, to old adding machines, find their way here. And Customs runs Taiwan’s lighthouses, so there’s all matter of things relating to lighthouses, including lanterns. The museum isn’t for everyone, but provides a really nice one-hour break if you happen to be nearby.

An easy way to get there is to take the Y27 exit from City Mall below the streets of Taipei (under Civic Blvd.), then take a short taxi ride to the museum. If you’re walking, follow our GPS coordinates below.

Customs Museum
13 Tacheng Street, Taipei
Tel: 02-2550-5500 x2212
Open Monday-Friday 9 am – 5 pm, call for appointment
GPS: N25°03.065’  E121°30.625’

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