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WoWasis visits Taipei’s Baoan and Confucius Temples

Written By: herbrunbridge - Sep• 19•11

Taipei's Baoan Temple

Two of Taipei’s finest temples are adjacent to each other, and offer a nice contrast in architectural styles and bearing. Both the Baoan and Confucius temples are located a short cab ride from the Yuanshan MRT station.

Baoan Temple fresco

The Baoan temple is the more ornate of the two, dedicated to Baosheng Dadi, the god of medicine. Ceramic figures adorn the roofline, and there are many elaborate carved statues with. Particularly worthy of note are the beautifully frescoed exterior walls. Outdoor festivals are commonly held outside the temple, replete with wonderfully-designed colored paper god images.

Counfucius Temple, Taipei

One block away is the Confucius Temple, with its elaborately structured roof beams and dragon columns, and a fine example of a stately hall. The temple is set in a beautiful garden with bamboo groves, ponds, and bridges.

Baoan Temple
61 Hami Street
Tel: 02-595-1676
Open daily
GPS: N25°043.377’  E121°30.933’

Confucius Temple
275 Dalong Street
Tel: 02-592-3924
Open Tuesday through Sunday
GPS: N25°043.343’  E121°30.945’

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