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WoWasis visits hot springs and the Sietian Temple at Jaosi (Jaoxi), Northeastern Taiwan

Written By: herbrunbridge - Sep• 05•11

Man tattooed while playing a board game, painted tiles and Jaosi's Sietian Temple

If you’re driving south on the eastern Highway 2 from the Northeast Coast National Scenic Area, a refreshing stop is at the city of Jaosi (Jaoxi), just north of the city of Ilan (Yilan).  Jaosi is famous for its hot springs and temple. We’d recommend seeing the Sietian (Xietian) temple first, then staying, kike your WoWasis review team did, overnight at a spa/hotel for a relaxing soak.

The Sietian Temple is not to be missed. Its carved doors offer beautifully carved wooden figures in high relief and moon doorways that offer delightful views of the interior of the temple. What caught our eye, though, were the artistically ravishing painted tile panels along the interior walls, depicting sea disasters, scholars, and the fascinating scene of a man being tattooed while playing a board game. Hidden in a corner of the old city, the temple is not all that easy to find, so follow our GPS coordinates below.

Interior of Sietian Temple

Jaosi is famous for its hot springs, and scores of hotels and spas offer private pools where you can soak and relax. We enjoyed the Yeager Hot-Springs House, with beautifully appointed rooms and spas, a few blocks north of the train station.

On departing Jaosi heading south, be sure to stop in the nearby city of Ilan to see the Taiwan Theater Museum, before heading back to the coast.

Yeager Hot-Springs House
Tel: (03) 988-3525
GPS: N24°49.913’  E121°40.420’

Sietian Temple
51 Jhongshan Road
Tel: (03) 988-2621
GPS: N24°49.077’  E121°46.145’

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