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WoWasis visits Taipei’s Xingtian Temple and fortune tunnel

Written By: herbrunbridge - Sep• 04•11

There’s more than first meets the eye at Taipei’s Xingtian temple. It’s deity is Guangong, patron saint of merchants. The temple itself has soaring, ship-prow roofs adorned with carved dragons, and inside you’ll see people standing in line to get blessed by nuns in blue robes, who wave incense onto the clothes of visitors in the practice of shoujing, which restores souls that have left the body in a frightened state.

But we here at WoWasis also recommend that take a short walk through the pedestrian tunnel that goes under the adjacent roadway. Here, you’ll find one of the most famous series of fortune-telling shops in Taipei, where many discuss their futures before or after leaving the temple.

Xingtian Temple
109 Minquan East Road
Tel 2502-7924

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