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Adult nightlife in Taipei: Save it, granny, we’ll do our punting in Bangkok

Written By: herbrunbridge - Aug• 12•11

Shuangcheng Street: the porchlight's on, but...

We here at WoWasis aren’t prejudiced against age. But we’d rather see Granny working a food cart than peddling her feminine charms to passerby, which is exactly what dozens of ladies of a certain age are doing on Taipei’s Shuangcheng Street every night.  Our guess as to the age range of the working ladies on this street is 40-60 years old, certainly not the stuff regaling the pages of glossy magazines. This small street runs behind the Imperial Hotel, and begins what is known as Taipei’s “Combat Zone,” or adult district.  Walk down the street and these aged charmers will grab your arm, cajole you into a bar, then ensure you get charged NT$ 350 for a ladydrink. That’s $11 USD. Two of them wanted to drink with your WoWasis correspondent. That would have been $22 USD, the going short/time rate for a model class girl working the Nana Hotel parking lot in Bangkok. 

It’s never difficult for a western man to “hook up” in Asia, so renting, vs. buying is usually the foundation for the discussion. And judging by the situation on Taipei’s Shuangcheng Street, rental options in Taipei are mighty slim. Our recommendation is to save Taipei for museum visits and temple-hopping, and do your canoodling in another city with far more accommodating options. If you’re just looking for a watering hole or a little live music, click the WoWasis Taipei nightlife review page.

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